Ahmedabad is agog with rumors as to what got Vanzara who had held a loyal line for seven years to make this move? At a paan shop just south of the railway station, the hottest of rumors was discussed threadbare. The theory goes that Pheku’s refusal to protect Asaram Bapu had demoralized Vanzara so much that he just lost it and wrote the rant as his regsnation letter. Asaram is Vanzara’s guru, the story goes – a guru he is so dedicated to that when posted as ATS chief in the Border Range he would insist that milk from Asaram’s goshala in Ahmedabad be delivered to him daily. These rumor have reached such proportions that it has surfaced in several news outlets. The Mumbai Mirror reports that Asaram’s arrest was the “proverbial last straw” that broke Vanzara’s back.  India Today says that Vanzara, caught between his God (Pheku) and his Guru (Asaram) was a broken man.

Noticing how much we were enjoying the heated discussion, a traffic constable taking a break (probably having abandoned his position at the Ambedkar Statue) gave us a conspiratorial smile and said “Now watch how many other officers will talk…” He seemed to be proud that the cops have finally decided to come out against Pheku. We didn’t ask him why he disliked Pheku!

Later in the evening, talk at an Auto stand near the Sabarmati water front development was much more  hard nosed and forward looking. Now that Vanzara has done what he has, several of them were convinced that a supari was already out on him. A few others, numerically in the minority disagreed. They said that Vanzara himself won’t be the target but he will be messaged by another of his cops being bumped off. “Narendra” Amin was this group of theorists top choice. We left before the betting began!

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